Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Peg Looms and Warp Waiting


Peg Loom- ready to thread a warp

Peg Looms are very simple to use and are an easy way to start weaving giving you endless possibilities to create a fabric.

Here I am weaving a test sample with DK weight yarns;
six altogether to create a multi coloured weave.

When I have woven halfway up the pegs I remove the pegs from the frame and slide the piece of work down the warp.

Then the pegs are replaced in their holes in the frame and I continue to weave.

Here are some more peg looms in action - mixes of fluffy and novelty yarns.
- some gorgeous chunky weight handspun yarn.

- warp waiting
just thought I would show you the warp I have put on my Ashford loom, this is waiting to be woven into some fabric,
I will blog about the finished results soon!

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