Wednesday, 27 March 2013

An Afternoon Spin - 3 Ply

Just for fun I decided to spin up these last end of fibres together and construct a 3 ply yarn from them.
I spun the dark fleece as lumpy and bumpy as I could so as to give a chunky texture and body to the yarn. I spun the lilac merino tops finely and the mixed fibre as normal, to balance the final yarn thickness and weight.

Here they all are on my Lazy Kate ready to ply together.

Here is the finished yarn of 3 ply washed and balled ready for use. I think I will add it to my stash for now as I'm bound to need a little chunky handspun for something!

Boats Update

It's an extremely cold Spring, March has been dismal for getting any work done on any of the boats. Skipper has been trying to do a few jobs ready for "Lift In Day" for our yacht, which is booked for April. She still needs her anti-foul coat of paint, varnish and re-fit, we have usually done all these tasks by now!
 These are weather permitting type work and the temperatures need to be at least 10- 15 degrees for paint and varnish to be applied properly. No hope of that at present.
Let's hope April bodes better,it's going to be a very busy couple of weeks!
I will blog some photos on the progress soon... I hope...

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  1. Love seeing how the wool is created. The weather is so cold right now - hope it improves you soon and you can get with your boat and getting what needs done, done!