Monday, 21 October 2013

Wet and Windy Lift Out Day

It's the end of our sailing season and this weekend it was "Lift Out" day for our little yacht. We leave our swing mooring on the river Medina and take her up to Newport Harbour Quay where she is lifted out by crane and over winters ashore.

Now call me a "fair weather sailor" but I hadn't brought on board my full wet weather gear -as having checked the weather forecast before going aboard I didn't expect this much rain!! Luckily I did have my coat. So anyway it decides to give us a real soaking and adding to the adventure a bit of a squall blew up too.

Very large heavy wet raindrops came driving down on the decks, spluttering and splashing. Trickling and then running streams of water washing the decks clean with it's flow. 

 The South Westerly breeze carried a squall of strong wind and rain over our little yacht as she motored steadily towards Newport. The sky darkened and the transit lights of the harbour approach buoys shone out brightly against the dark grey/black heavy clouds. 

We arrived on the high tide as the rain eases and moor up alongside the harbour wall. Our little yacht has had a good wash  from all that rain, her decks shining in the new light that follows a good down pour.

As she is lifted ashore the Sun and blue skies return. Skipper starts the task of jet washing all the mud and antifoul from her hull and we unload gear and tuck her up for her winter sleep. It's a rather early layup this year we normally come out of the water in November but the tides best suited this weekend. I'm quite pleased really as this week on the Island the weather is predicted to be very wet and windy and I do worry about her on the swing mooring in a storm especially combined with big tides. Now we can easily pop and check on her and dream of new adventures next season...

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